About Us

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W1SDØM has been created to accelerate human progress in solving the massive problems facing our species, including but not limited to poverty, hunger, food security, energy, and economic justice. These problems are being collectively addressed by the advisors, investors and entrepreneurs who are creating the sustainable ventures that define a new way of acting in the world.

W1SDØM provides unique opportunities to collaborate in the development and evolution of sustainable ventures. The service leverages workflow tools and social networks, providing a venue for agents of change to collaborate in service to sustainability. We believe strongly that information technology — when coupled with the right intention and application — will continue to improve the way humans connect.

We are inspired by — and standing on the shoulders of — pioneering organizations that have come before us like Patagonia, 7th Generation, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), New Belgium Brewing and the Rainforest Action Network. We learn from models as diverse as Open Source and Visa, W.L. Gore and Mondragon, we know that it’s possible to merge collaboration, innovation and profitability. At maturity, the business will be governed by — and will ultimately reward — the community of change agents we serve. We believe that this orientation significantly increases our chances for success, and best reflects the values of the new marketplace.

We aspire to the kai-zen principles that inspire continuous improvement, and will iterate our service based on the interest and direction we receive from the community.

Our team is made up of serial entrepreneurs, each grounded in a personal commitment to building a more sustainable (and therefore just) world. We are highly accomplished professionally, and have all spent time in a constructive personal practice, as meditators, yogis, endurance athletes, healers, musicians and artists. We have a more open business structure than most companies, and welcome (and compensate) contributions on many levels. We provide space for people to flourish and evolve as the business and their own lives change. We were trained to adapt to emerging paradigms, harnessing collective intelligence and rejecting the false dichotomy of us vs. them. We are all us. This page is about all of us.

So, who are we?

Some of us are entrepreneurs – sustainable, green or non-profit – seeking social, human, intellectual and financial capital to support our mission.

Some of us are advisors – consultants or incubator – who strives to more fully engage and support sustainable ventures, investing intellectual and social capital to achieve mission.

Some of us are investors – angel (or network thereof), foundation or fund – with a specific mix of impact goals informed by sustainability metrics and real-world outcomes.

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